PULZE (1979-81)

In the years before Skagarack was formed, singer Torben Schmidt and drummer Alvin Otto played in the hard rock
band Pulze, with Jørn Gammelby, Karsten Bech and Bjørn Elkjær. The band stood out in the early eighties, playing
hard rock with danish lyrics.

In september/october 1980 they recorded the self titled album 'Pulze' in the Key Sound Studio in Præstø, Denmark with Jan Eliasson as producer. It was released through Cascade in the beginning of 1981.

Track list:

Side 1:
1. Fredag Aften (4:47)
2. Millionen (4:04)
3. Så' du ovenpå (3:34)
4. Naturen (4:58)
5. Jeg er din ven (4:03)

Side 2:
6. Vi er på vej (3:51)
7. Lille Dansker (3:22)
8. Pas På (3:59)
9. Skoletræt (6:15)
10. Giv mig dog et svar (3:45)

Pulze mainly played gigs in Jutland and Funen (Denmark) until the winter of 1981 where the band was dissolved.

Torben occasionally did some studio work and recorded a few demos with different musicians, and ended up forming Skagarack with Alvin Otto and Jan Petersen.
In the years after the break up of Pulze, Torben Schmidt worked as
truck driver - according to music lexicon 'Politikens - Rock Nu' from 1983 - as seen in the picture below.
Jørn Gammelby
is still playing music, and can be found in the line up of the danish band PopStuff.

The Pulze LP was only made in 500-1000 copies and since the release in 1981, the few remaining copies have now become ultra rare and nearly impossible to find.

Many collectors, and not only from Denmark, are looking
to add this album to their collections. If you do manage to find a copy it will almost certainly be expensive.



I was in luck and was able to track down a copy of this rare LP - the seller was non other than Michael Denner (guitarist from King Diamond/Mercyful Fate/Force Of Evil). After buying it, I got
a pleasant surprise when I discovered that it contained a promotion letter.

The signed letter was sent from Cascade Records to Johannes Rasmussen who worked at DR (danish radio).Unfortunately Johannes Rasmussen couldn't remember receiving the LP and letter, since he was sent hundreds of releases through his employment at DR.

If anyone is able to tell me more about Pulze and/or recognize who signed the letter, please
let me know.