Double Crossed
(Music and Words: Torben Schmidt)

Jim was young and seemed innocent
everything went okay.
Born and raised under the city lights
knew he’d make it some day.

Had some “friends” in the streets at night
shady deals were arranged.
Then one night on his way back home,
terror filled the air.

To late to run nowhere to hide,
with heavy handed guys on every side.
: “tell me please what’s going on?, Is it me you want,
Is it me you want?” (you) me you want? (hey you)

Double crossed in a evil way,
Accused of a traitors crime.
: How can I prove my innocence, you’re only wastin your time”.
Locked away as a prisoner, body shaking with fear,
“Lord have mercy on this fool, get me out of here”.

:”Jimmy move out if you wanna live,
the first and only warning you’ll get is this”.
“swear you guys I don’t know what’s going on,
Is it me you want, Is it me you want.