During a business trip to England in december 2007, I had the chance to see the old location of the legendary
Marquee Club on 90 Wardour St, London, where Skagarack played on the 25th and 26th of August 1986.

Wardour St. entrance
Entrance to Marquee Club in the 80's.
Other noteworthy bands that played in Marquee includes Jimi Hendrix,
Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Genesis and many others.

The original building could not withstand the constant vibrations from
numerous concerts during 24 years, and as a result was demolished
in 1988.

It has since been rebuild and now houses both a night club, restaurant
and an appartment complex called 'Soho Lofts'. The Marquee Club has
since been relocated a number of times and the last location closed on
february 12th 2008.

Some of the above information and the two photos showing Marquee Club in the 80's and 90s are from the
website If you want to read more about the Marquee Club history, I would
encourage you to visit this site, which is a tremendous piece of work and a great tribute to the club.

Wardour St. demolished
Structure during rebuilding (1990)
  Wardour St. today
Wardour St. as it looks today (1)
  Wardour St. today
Wardour St. as it looks today (2)

Incidently a seminar also brought me to Reading, where Skagarack played just a few days before they did the
two gigs in Marquee Club.