The purpose of the Fan Corner, is to focus on the fans and how Skagarack has affected their lives. Besides the webmasters own additions, I hope that other fans will contribute with their point of view. This could be done with pictures, text or whatever you decide. Write an e-mail with your story and we'll find you a nice spot on these pages.

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. Skagarack memorabilia and items of any kind, will be displayed and described in the Memorabilia section.

You can also see the webmasters own collection, which have been collected through several years. It contains a large number of Skagarack items, and it has developed into quite an extensive collection.

Other Skagarack items not already found in the memorabilia sectionare also wanted, so please let us know if you have any items and want to display them here.

In time this section will also include a buy/sell/trading function, for establishing contact between fans and collectors. In the mean time send us an e-mail, and we'll try to help out.


Stefan who is a fellow Skagarack fan and an appreciated contributor to this site has sent me this photo of his old
room from the 80's, plastered with Skagarack items
(most of this has since been donated to the webmasters
Skagarack collection - thanks again Stefan!)

Stefan is also obsessed with Pretty Maids, but family considerations keeps him from having a 'Pretty Maids
Room' today :-)

Stefans Skagarack room


The webmaster recently went to the location of
the legendary Marquee Club where Skagarack played in 1986...
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A young Skagarack fan

2½ year old Lucas is among Skagaracks
youngest fans
. He has
his own copy of the
Hungry For A Game
album which he listens
to every night!