This was the first concert since the reunion concert in Esbjerg in may 2009.

Skagarack live in Toldkammeret Skagarack live in Toldkammeret

After suffering from a sore throat in Esbjerg, it was really great to hear that Torben was back in shape. The track 'Damned Woman' would damage anyone's vocal chord if they tried singing it out loud, but Torben was completely unaffected by that and delivered an incredible performance. The entire show was played so well by all the guys, that it should be recorded for DVD and released.

After the first set, there where a short break, so people could stock up on new beer supplies.

Second set opened up with the awesome 'Hungry For A Game' and was followed by 'Victim Of The System', where Tommy Rasmussen once again showed his superior keyboard skills - INCREDIBLE to watch that live!

This concert has to be one of the greatest, that I have ever attended, as the band was so kind to let me hang around backstage both during the break and after the show. Thanks for a great night!!

Hope to see a lot of fans in Kolding for the next concert - this one will be in their home town, so I expect a crowd with a lot of energy. Don't miss this one!

Complete set list:

1st set:
Don't Turn Me Upside Down
She's A Liar
So Fine, So Good
Damned Woman
Talk Dirty To Me
This World
Anytime, Anywhere

2nd set:
Hungry For A Game
Victim Of The System
Sweet Dreams
Rock This City
Move It In The Night
Spiders Web
Big time

I'm Alone

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