NB!. Photos from this concert will be uploaded soon...

Great show!! Seeing the guys for the fourth time in 2009, it still amazes me that they play so well after all these years. They are better live than ever, and the audience was very enthusiastic!

The setlist was identical to the one in Helsingør, but as a dedicated fan it's cool to see minor variations in the songs. First set was again impressive, no matter how many times I hear 'Don't Turn Me Upside Down' I will never grow tired of it! After a short break, Skagarack opened up second set with the awesome and impressive 'Hungry For A Game', which really got the audience fired up. Two hours go by so fast when you're having a great time!

Thanks to Steen Pejtersen and his wife, John-son and Henrik Hildebrandt for making it an even better concert, to Erling for sharing the videos with me, to Ken Anthony for all the compliments on the website and to the guys from Skagarack for beer, great company and a fantastic show! Hoping for a new Skagarack album in a near future, followed by a new tour!

Tip of the day: Don't stand directly in front of the speakers. This will affect your hearing for a couple of days :-)

For those who might have missed it, next Skagarack concert will be together with Pretty Maids in Amager Bio, Copenhagen on the 3rd of december. Don't miss the opportunity to watch these two great bands live in one evening!!

Complete set list:

1st set:
Don't Turn Me Upside Down
She's A Liar
So Fine, So Good
Damned Woman
Talk Dirty To Me
This World
Anytime, Anywhere

2nd set:
Hungry For A Game
Victim Of The System
Sweet Dreams
Rock This City
Move It In The Night
Spiders Web
Big time

I'm Alone