The first concert in the hometown of Skagarack since the good old days.

Skagarack live in KoldingSkagarack live in Kolding
A special thanks to Kenneth G. Jørgensen, for supplying the above photos from the concert. The photo on the right
is showing a group of people (possibly Torbens neighbours) holding up papers spelling T O R B E N

This much anticipated concert in the hometown, has to be one Skagaracks greatest performances ever.
Every single track was played with an ecxess of energy and superior technical skills! When they played one
of my peronal favorites 'Don't Turn Me Upside Down', I knew why I have to see every Skagarack concert - it
was simply amazing, and I may have injured my vocal chord attempting to sing a long :-)

The entire room was packed with enthusiastic Skagarack fans and it seemed that everone had a great time. I've gotten nothing but positive responses since the concert.

The set list was identical to the one from Helsingør, with the exception of Hungry For A Game being played again after the two extra tracks. You could clearly tell, that the band enjoyed this concert as much as the audience.

Thumbs up from the number one Skagarack fan :-)

NB!! More photos from this concert will be uploaded soon.

Complete set list:

1st set:
Don't Turn Me Upside Down
She's A Liar
So Fine, So Good
Damned Woman
Talk Dirty To Me
This World
Anytime, Anywhere

2nd set:
Hungry For A Game
Victim Of The System
Sweet Dreams
Rock This City
Move It In The Night
Spiders Web
Big time

I'm Alone
Hungry For A Game