Program for friday:

15.00 Opening of the festival
16.00 Back In Back
18.15 Saxon
20.30 Skagarack
22.30 Europe

After nearly 20 years apart, the original band members from Skagarack was once again ready to make magic - this time with new bass player Morten Husted who showed that he was born to perform - he's really a world class entertainer!

In spite of lead singer Torben Schmidt having a sore throat, the quality of their music wasn't affected at all. It was an amazing reunion concert and Skagarack was really back in top form. The crowd had clearly been waiting for this, and the energy from both the fans and the band was fantastic!.

Fans had been encouraged to vote for their favorite tracks prior to the concert and their votes were taken into consideration, when the band decided on the final set list for the concert:

Move It In The Night
Open Your Eyes
Don't Turn Me Upside Down
She's A Liar
So Fine So Good
Damned Woman
Talk Dirty To Me
Hungry For A Game
Victim Of The System
Sweet Dreams
Rock This City

I'm Alone
Big Time

Skagarack fan Denis Bastas came all the way from Greece with his wife Emmi and son Michael to see the band. They were able to meet the band after the show, making it a perfect night for them.

As webmaster of this site and long-time fan of the band, I had only been dreaming of a Skagarack reunion for all these years. Being at the concert really moved me, because of all the people sharing my passion for Skagarack's music. One of the best experiences in my life!

I think it's safe to say, that it was an unforgettable night for all -
both fans and band members.

Don't forget that Skagarack will give a series of concerts later this year - if you missed this great reunion, or if simply can't get enough of their music.

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