Review by webmaster Michael Bach

I must admit that my expectations for the last show in 2009 were sky high. It turned out to be everything I hoped for and then some: I've never seen the guys so relaxed on stage and playing that well.

Torben's voice has actually never sounded better live or even compared to the recordings on the Skagarack albums. The chemistry between the guys are fantastic and it's very easy to see that they are enjoying playing together again.

Besides witnessing a really great performance, I was fortunate enough to meet Erik and Erling from Kolding and we shared quite a few beers that night. Hope to see you guys again :-)

After the show I got to spend some time with the band, and what a perfect way to end the 2009 tour! You won't find guys that are more down to earth and open hearted than the guys from Skagarack.

There's no doubt that I'll be attending every single concert that Skagarack will ever play in the future - I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Thanks for making 2009 one of my best years ever!
See you in 2010!

Complete set list:

1st set:
Don't Turn Me Upside Down
She's A Liar
So Fine, So Good
Damned Woman
Talk Dirty To Me
This World
Anytime, Anywhere

2nd set:
Hungry For A Game
Victim Of The System
Sweet Dreams
Rock This City
Move It In The Night
Spiders Web
Big time

I'm Alone
Skagarack & webmaster Michael
Skagarack and webmaster Michael Bach