Skagarack.dk is a non-profit website, created and maintained by Michael Bach, who is a huge Skagarack fan and
collector. The aim is to make Skagarack.dk a central source of information about Skagarack and their music. All
available information about the band will be published here, therefore I hope that other fans and friends will
contribute in any way they can. See the list of valued contributors who have made this site possible.

Additional material, comments etc., that could further enhance this site are more than welcome. Please feel free
to contact me: mail[at]skagarack.dk


I have been a fan of this fantastic band since the late 80's, when my father took me to one of their concerts in
Kolding, Denmark. I spend most of my childhood listening to songs like 'Hungry For A Game', 'Damned Woman'  
and 'Don't Turn Me Upside Down' - many years later, I find myself still loving the music and an even bigger fan.

In my search for information about them, it occured to me just how hard it was piecing together their history,
since there are no websites really dedicated to Skagarack. A truely magnificent band like this deserves to have
their own site, so I decided to take on the challenge. I've since started collecting albums and memorabilia, in order
to make this website.

Besides providing information about the band, Skagarack.dk will hopefully serve as a connection point to fellow
fans/collectors as well.

/Webmaster Michael Bach